There is no doubt that what we do is specialist recruitment. We only service lawyers and primarily like to act on a very individualised basis for each person. This will include understanding your personal motivations in a practical sense but also your values and lifestyle needs to best match you with the right firm or corporate.

By developing a deep knowledge of all different structural aspects of the firms; including employee policies they drive, culture both existing and developing, management styles and leadership goals, we first aim to inform and provide value before recommended the right fit for you. Important to this process is offering grass roots feedback from our network coming in and out of these various players.

We keep abreast of the changes occurring within these firms and the wider market trends influencing company strategies. Discussion around economic and technological conditions and their impact on firm revenue and approach is part of our consultation with you.

We also appreciate that as a specialist lawyer in your field, the nuances to your move will be different to somebody in another stream of complex law. We have sought to explore and dissect these nuances over many years to provide you with the best accumulated advice in your particular field of specialisation. However, we are also down to earth and enjoy a good chat about the industry (and a laugh).. We aren’t huge fans of a text-and-email-only approach to your job search! Making a move in your career is a big life decision and we like to create an enjoyable dialogue with you, not a pressurized one, where you feel comfortable coming back to us anytime with any questions.