Our People

Here at PC Legal Talent, we’re career recruiters. Unlike many of our contemporaries in the market, we’re not former lawyers who have ‘jumped the divide’ into recruitment. We therefore won’t try and ‘out lawyer’ you or try to make assumptions about your circumstances based on our time in the law (or at law school).

Rather, we bring a combined 25 years’ experience recruiting white-collar professionals within key pillars of the Australian business landscape – construction, engineering, resources, property and professional services. Leveraging this unique background experience and the lessons learned from the ups and downs in each, allows us focus on what we do best; consulting with you to get a holistic understanding of your circumstances, career motivators and personal drivers to marry them up with the right opportunity. It can often be the case that the right role isn’t an immediate role, so we maintain a relationship to keep you informed when that right option does arise.

Put simply, our service is rooted in authentic and genuine career consulting. We now aim to offer more than that at this time where there is real change in the industry. Different organisations offer different solutions. We offer the choice, without obligation, to survey those different options according to your specific timelines. We apply our deep knowledge of the nuisances of the market to offer invaluable insights into the firms and sector lines before any approach is made. If we do not have the answer readily at hand, we will find it and deliver it confidentially.

Our key people;

Mari Arcila

I enjoy the challenge of finding the right targets even if the field is narrow or highly specialised in the law. Since joining PC Legal Talent I have learnt a variety of sourcing strategies, both digital and networking based. I find that the hip hop classics gets me through a challenging day as a resourcer on a particularly niche search for a client!

I graduated from Curtin University in August 2019 with a double degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations with distinction. I went on to join PC Legal Talent team as a graduate and instantly began to work closely with both Felicity and Colin across all of their research and search needs. In this role, and with the help of both my colleagues I have gained an excellent exposure in how to find top quality candidates in various sub sectors across the Australian and New Zealand legal markets.

I find it both rewarding and imperative in seeing my work ultimately lead to the growth and advancement of the careers of our top quality candidates.