Whether it is an immediate requirement or pipelining in regards to a medium term growth strategy, we assist our clients in securing the top talent in the market. First and foremost we offer a free comparative of candidates without any monetary obligation. Contingency recruitment through our service means the only time you will incur a fee is if the candidate starts within your company. We encourage you to only make the hiring decision after evaluating the candidate and identifying a direct impact that the individual will make on your business. For those firms that would like us to take a targeted approach including an exclusive / select short list of targets, retained search options are available, mostly implemented at the executive levels in the sector.

Our approach is rooted in full market mapping using highly refined digital search skills and ultimately a team approach. We offer dedicated researchers who employ skills in multilayered search techniques to provide the best selection of potential targets. Central to our approach is how we position your company in the market and we take this aspect very seriously. We spend time on crafted the right messaging that we take to market for discussion. We make sure we understand the nuisances of your business structure and culture to be able to share this with the right talent. We also provide transparent feedback to you as the client around a particular and how the wider company brand is received and reviewed by potential talent in our discussions with them.

The PC Legal Talent client base is Australia wide and spans top-tier, international, national, mid-tier and boutique firms as well as tier one and two corporates across industries with in-house legal needs.

Our interview and selection process has been uniquely designed and implemented for over 20 years and therefore clients can be certain that they will be offered high caliber candidates.