Creating your most productive self when working from home

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Under what conditions am I most efficient? When in a normal working day do I do my best work?

Digital measures of productivity will become the new norm as tools to drive revenue for many firms. There is already discussion as to how this forced insolation period will lead to Big Law further embracing the necessary digital shift following this health crisis. So understanding your peak performance times and designing a tailored plan will allow you to get ahead of the game now.

Write a specific and tailored schedule that suits your needs as the talent. Never before have we seen a time when employees can take the most ownership over their own work. Whilst it is a change, this is also in many ways very liberating.

The process:

  • Discover your high productivity periods –spend some time analysing this/ask a colleague, peer
  • Download all end of day thoughts and revisit to structure and number a to do list before you start each day
  • Don’t work around others in the home if they are not working, unless they are children that need supervision
  • Where possible form Parental alliances through school communities online so that parents may give up one hour a day to lead children in a lesson or activity online outside of school hours so that you have dedicated periods of time to focus on work. - Design another schedule here.
  • Keep or refine an existing morning routine so that you have an allocated personal time before work starts
  • Try splitting your exercise hour into two 30 minute blocks so your interest levels are topped up throughout the day
  • Move around whilst taking phone calls, filing, talking out a work issue with a colleague.
  • Use music that is designed to help you focus, there are plenty of options on line for this purpose
  • Implement task orientated short breaks. –i.e.) Complete a document, go and check the mail. Come back and start again
  • Discuss your new structure and plan with a high level colleague that understands you and your home situation. Be open to advice about tweaking from a trusted adviser (within the industry and preferably your own workplace)
  • Be realistic and determined, communicate your new work goals within your team and with leadership