Company Culture

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Culture is increasingly raised for us as a ‘top-three’ priority in those considering a move. It is also incredibly subjective. Where the challenge is at the moment is that while video conferencing lends itself well to formal recruitment interviewing, it does make it more difficult to convey company culture.

This can especially be the case if the ‘typical’ culture has dissipated somewhat with the team all working from their respective home offices. It’s hard to ‘nail’ a corporate video too, especially for an Aussie audience who tend to be very cynical to these things.

Some solutions to consider;

Virtual office tours
What can be expected when everyone returns to bricks and mortar offices? Open plan, individual offices etc. Is there someone who can record a walk through or host a virtual tour?

A ‘coffee’ with the team
Hiring Managers can introduce a candidate to some / all members of the team over video conference, then step out. It can be done one-on-one or in a joint VidCo. Encourage all parties to bring a tea or coffee (or a wine if later in the day / week) and allow them to have a free and frank chat and get to know one another.

Give / ask for examples
There is a expectations that candidates interviewing provide behavioural examples on interview. If it isn’t a two-way street already, now is the time to make sure it is!

Types of things that can be covered;

  • Does the team do any group activities; touch footy, yoga, life drawing etc?
  • Does the team do Friday lunches / drinks? What’s the engagement with the wider group / firm / company?
  • Do some people start/finish early / late for family reasons?
  • During ‘normal times’, what is the policy on working from home?
  • What is the team / firm’s approach to mentorship and training; formal, ad hoc? Partner only or are there other stand out mentors?